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The best parties ever

I love throwing parties for my kids. Every time I try to do something different so that they know that I'm not recycling ideas. It's so much fun to give kids a big surprise and make parties that have been totally customised to their interests. If you are looking for some fun and really unique party idea then look no further. I have tips on how to make parties about every TV character under the sun and have lots of advice for getting everything together to make a party fantastic. It will be great for other parents and carers throwing parties for their kids.


The best parties ever

It's Time For High Tea! Tips For Planning The Perfect Baby Shower

Kim Lewis

Baby showers are a lot of fun to organise. Because it is your turn to arrange a baby shower for your best friend, it is time to think classy elegance meets dress-up ladies. One popular trend that conveys this idea is a high tea, and with a little forethought, you can pull off an event even Queen Elizabeth would be excited to attend.

The Backdrop

The perfect setting for an afternoon high tea is the outdoors. Think lush green lawns, shady trees and gardens filled with colourful flowers. Of course, given the unpredictability of Australian weather, it does pay to have a backup indoors plan ready just in case of rain. Additionally, make sure you let all the attendees know well in advance this is going to be an outdoor event. Spring and early summer are when pollen counts are at their highest, so an outdoor party during this time could have an impact on those who suffer badly from allergies.

The Setting

The lovely thing about organising a high tea is you can easily make it as unique as the mother-to-be. It also doesn't have to cost the earth when you look at renting the different items you will need to make this a success. Hiring the following items is much more cost effective than having to buy them:

  • Long, extended tables, or a number of trestle tables which can be placed side by side. You will also need to hire matching table cloths to cover all of the table surfaces. Tablecloths made from a floral fabric are the perfect base for the table setting.
  • Next, you need to consider how many chairs you need for your guests, but try to get something more exciting than your standard white plastic fold-up chair. Wooden chairs add a touch of rustic charm to an outdoor setting, but if you can't get these then hire chair covers for the plastic chairs to make them more classically elegant.
  • Be sure to hire real china plates and pretty silver tableware as these are a lot nicer than paper plates and plastic cutlery.
  • Different sized glass vases filled with fresh flowers provide a simple centerpiece to tie in with the outdoor theme.

Don't forget to hire the tiered cake trays and cute little cake forks to make sure your high tea party has the perfect finishing touches. Your guests will have a spectacular time at this high tea, and the mother-to-be will enjoy her time to shine in a beautiful and natural setting.

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